“L’Esperance” wins Captain Oliver’s Memorial Trophy at 7th Annual Captain Oliver’s Regatta

While the Oyster Pond lagoon filled up with boats from other marinas and neighbouring islands, participating in the regatta, the marina starting buzzing with activities Friday afternoon, prior to registration. All in all, 28 boat participated in the 6 classes: racing monohull ( 7 boats), cruising monohull ( 6 boats), racing multihull ( 3 boats), cruising multihull ( 4 boats), corporate challenge ( 3 boats) and beachcat ( 5 boats).

On Saturday morning at 10 am the start was called for the counterclockwise around the island race. The first boats to cross the finish line were the beach cats and multihulls, Jeff Ledee and Vincent Jordil on Nikki Beach from St. Barths, were the first to cross the finish line in 3:09 hours a few minutes ahead of Olivier Bernaz on Image Real Estate. Trimaran “Dauphin Telecom” skippered by Erick Clement, was the first in racing multihull class and the 3 melges 24 had a tight fight as well, with “Budget Marine – Gill” (Andrea Scarabelli) being minutes ahead of “Coors Light” (Frits Bus) and “French Connection” (Didier Roult). In the cruising monohull class, Bobby Valasquez on “L’Esparance” came in first, and in the cruising multihull class the round the island winner was Jean Michel Ricour on “Billboard Media”. “Turtle Island” skippered by Arnaud Anquetil was the first in the Corporate Challenge Class.

On Sunday the course was set between Table Rock and Pelican Rock, the sun came out for the race but the wind being very light , caused several boats not to finish the race. After the race the overall winners of each class were presented with their prizes. Bobby Valasquez and his crew on “L’Esperance” was voted the most worthy boat by the racing committee and presented withThe Captain Oliver memorial trophy, which was unveiled and presented by Maggi Shurtleff, life companion of late Olivier Lange, alias Captain Oliver. The first prize of the racing monohull class went to Andrea Scarabelli with “ Budget Marine- Gill” (a watch sponsored by Goldfinger and a bottle of Moet Champagne) , second prize was received by Frits Bus and his “Team Coors light” (gift certificate from The ScubaShop), while third prize went to Didier Roult on “French Connection” . The beach class was won by Jeff Ledee with “Nikki Beach” (a watch sponsored by Goldfinger and Moet champagne) , second prize went to Olivier Bernaz on “Image Real Estate”, while third prize went to Thierry Lhinares “Cirrus 31”. The racing multihull class was won by Erick Clement on “Dauphin Telecom” (a watch sponsored by Goldfinger and a bottle of Moet Champagne), seconded by Michaux Corroy on “Carib Cat” and third prize won by Christophe Morel with “Callisto”. The cruising monohull class was won by Bobby Valasquez on “L’Esperance” (a buffet dinner at Captain Oliver’s Restaurant and a bottle of Moet Champagne) and second price went to Raphael Magras on “Maelia”, third prize to Garth Steyn on “Moon Dance”. The cruising multihull class was won by Petro Jonker on “Quality Time” (a buffet dinner at Captain Oliver’s Restaurant and a Moet Champagne), in second place was Jean Michel Ricour with “Billboard Media” (a gift certificate from FKG-Rigging) and in third place was Petri Ottavainen on “Tight Five”. Corporate Challenge was won by Arnaud Anquetil on “Turtle island” (a powerboat coarse sponsored by Maritime School), second price went to Jose Vilier on “Vwel-O-Ven” and third price to Valade/ Hulin on “Hospital Louis Constant Fleming”. The main prize, sponsored by Island water World and Sea Hawk, given to Rogister on “ Diablotin”. Jeff Ledee on “Nikki Beach” received the prize for being the fastest boat around the island (a hotel stay at Captain Oliver’s Hotel and a Moet Champagne), Melissa Malaval and her crew on Mr. Walker received a special prize for their pirate costume during the race (a watch sponsored by Goldfinger and a Moet Champagne). The three young crew from the secondary vocational school maritime programme on “Little Poe” (skippered by Rien Korteknie) each received a basic keel boat course for yachts up to 27ft, sponsored by St. Martin Sailing School.

During the prize giving, Bobby Valasquez thanked the organizing committee for continuing the the regatta in the legacy of Captain Oliver, and Erick Clement made an announcement for multihull racing circuit , while Jeff Ledee said that this year about half the beach cats came across from St. Barths to race in the regatta and that next year he would like to see all. Anthony Halley from Coors Light made a closing speech in which he said that Coors Light will be with the regatta again next year and is here to stay as the main sponsor. With the girls from Platinum Room being present a good touch of glamour was added as well, and the 7th Annual Regatta ended with an invitation for all sailors to return for the 8th Annual Captain Oliver’s Regatta.